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Suniva Solar

California Cool Roofing ImagesQuality. High-power. Reliability. Made-in-the-USA. One of these terms is why you have selected Suniva as your solar manufacturer.

As Americas leading solar manufacturer, Suniva recognizes that quality and reliability are critical to high-performing, long-lasting PV systems and our dedication to high-quality solar products offers you a unique product platform to fulfill the requirements of your application needs without compromise.

From residential, to commercial, to utility scale, Suniva has your high-quality solar solution.
We Use Monocrystalline Cells
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Sunivas ARTisun Select monocrystalline cell series features our latest cost-effective technology to attain average efficiencies of 19% in production. Sunivas innovative, proprietary cell processing techniques are used to achieve significantly higher cell efficiencies while maintaining low-cost. Suniva differentiates from other high-quality, high-efficiency manufacturers through its deep knowledge and experience in cell design and optimization of its cost-effective manufacturing processes.

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Optimus Monocrystalline
ARTisun Series Monocrystalline
MVX Multicrystalline
Optimus Monocrystalline Modules
60-cell module series: 290-300W / 72-cell module series: 325-340W

Sunivas premier Optimus modules are known for their superior quality and long-term reliability.

These high-powered modules consist of Sunivas premium ARTisun STAR cell technology, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. using our pioneering manufacturing processes.

Sunivas high power-density Optimus modules provide excellent performance and value.

  • California Cool Roofing ImagesUtilizes our premier American-made cell technology, ARTisun Star
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Module families ranging from 290-340W
  • Hard anodized marine grade aluminum frame
  • BAA and TAA compliant
  • Qualifies for Ex-Im Financing
  • 1000V UL and IEC
  • 25 year linear power warranty; 10 year product warranty
California Cool Roofing Images
ARTisun Series Monocrystalline Modules
California Cool Roofing Images60-cell module series: 265-275W / 72-cell module series: 320-325W

ARTisun Series modules are the newest member of Sunivas highly-regarded monocrystalline product family. Joining Sunivas premium-power, US-made, Optimus series modules, the ARTisun Series builds on our legacy of manufacturing high-quality solar modules to maximize performance and price. Designed for projects with lower power-density requirements than our Optimus Series, the globally-produced ARTisun Series modules provide greater performance than commodity multicrystalline technology at highly-competitive prices.

  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Marine grade aluminum frame with hard anodization
  • Attractive black frame ideal for Residential applications
  • IP68 rated junction box
  • Certified PID-free
  • 1000V UL and IEC
  • 25 year linear power warranty; 10 year product warranty
MVX Multicrystalline Modules
California Cool Roofing Images60-cell module series: 260-270W / 72-cell module series: 315-320W

Sunivas MV series modules are made of world-class quality multicrystalline solar cells to bring you a reliable yield even under demanding conditions. Leveraging the production synergies of our corporate parent, Shunfeng International Clean Energy, and their 1.8GW global manufacturing capacity, MVX modules are designed to be competitive in both power and price with traditional multicrystalline offerings, but with the same quality, reliability and support you value from Suniva.

  • Positive only power tolerance ensures predictable output
  • Complies with IEC 61701 for salt mist corrosion resistance
  • Module families ranging from 260-320W
  • High PID resistance
  • Durability assured with extended wind and snow load testing
  • 25 year linear power warranty; 10 year product warranty
  • 25-year, 3rd-party product performance warranty insurance, covered by industry-leader, Munich Re
  • Additional Munich Re project performance insurance available for purchase
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